How to Arrange Furniture in an L-Shaped Living Room

Although an L-shaped living room is a common design in one and two-bedroom apartments, it is difficult to decorate in terms of furniture placement and creating a cohesive design. While there are no set furniture placement rules, several design options will open up the room and connect all corners of the L-shaped living room. Some planning is necessary, as it needs to suit your existing furniture and space needs.

Step 1

Write a list of the sections or rooms you plan to incorporate into the L-shaped living room. This layout lends itself well to combining two rooms, such as a living room with a dining room section or combining living room with an office. When you finish the list, choose a single focal point, such as your television or fireplace.

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Step 2

Place your couch or couches in the main corner of the L-shape on an angle or axis, so the couch or couches bring the room together rather than divide it. Place it across from the chosen focal point. Avoid placing large pieces of furniture up against the wall, as it tends to divide the room. Place the second-largest furniture pieces at a 90-degree angle from the focal point, creating a connection between the large piece of furniture and the focal point.

Step 3

Add the dining room table or office desk to one corner of the L-shaped room, but place the main table or desk diagonally from the corner, so it matches the existing furniture in the room. The diagonal placement opens up that part of the L-shaped room, so it creates a cohesive design with the focal point and larger living room furniture.

Step 4

Fill in smaller spaces in the living room with smaller items, such as coffee tables, ottomans, plants, floor lamps and dining room chairs or a desk chair. Avoid placing plants and floor lamps in the corner, as they become isolated compared to the other furniture in the room. Spread the floor lamps out so you have proper lighting in all the corners of the room.

Step 5

Use repeated patterns or colors in the L-shaped living room to combine all furniture in the room, whether it is a dining room table or home office. Add similar wall pictures in the living room, placing vases or accessories on shelves or bookcases and adding pillows to couches and matching table mats on the dining room table.