Can You Turn Your Above Ground Pool Into a Black Bottom Pool?

Painting the bottom of a pool black doesn't just add a different aesthetic quality. A black pool bottom attracts the sun's rays, which heat the bottom of the pool, which warms the water. If you have an above-ground pool that you want to turn into a black-bottom pool, you can do so by using the proper paint.

Black-Bottom Pools

Though a black-bottom pool does increase the temperature of pool water, it doesn't increase the water temperature substantially, according to Ventura Pools. The increase in the water temperature depends upon how hot the sun feels and how much direct exposure the above-ground pool has to the sunlight. Since the water in a black-bottom pool appears dark, it can be more difficult to see objects that have fallen into the pool as well.

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Though some pool paints are manufactured solely for use on in-ground pools with concrete sides, some pool paints can be used to cover vinyl pool liners like those used to keep the water inside most above-ground pools. Two paints that provide decent results on the liner of an above-ground pool are rubber paint and epoxy paint. When choosing a paint to cover the liner, look for one formulated to adhere well in moist conditions. These paints can generally be applied to a pool surface once the water has drained without needing to dry the surface first.


Instead of turning an above ground pool into a black bottom pool through painting, you also have the option of installing a new vinyl liner to the pool. As with painting, installing a new black liner to the above-ground pool requires draining the pool completely and refilling the pool once the new liner has been installed. A new vinyl liner costs more than painting. But while paint may eventually begin to chip away, the black vinyl liner will remain solid.


Whenever you drain an above-ground pool, you risk the pool's interior. The inside surface of the pool is designed to be kept wet. By draining the water, you allow heat and sunlight to reach the surface directly, which can cause the pool liner to dry out. Always change a pool liner or paint when the temperature is moderate, and provide shade over the pool while working.