How to Make Fake Spider Webs With Cotton Batting

Things You\’ll Need

  • Cotton batting

  • Sharp scissors

  • Invisible tape

  • Plastic spiders

... Decorate your home or office with faux spider webs for Halloween.

When you're decorating your home for Halloween, you can use cotton batting to make spooky fake spider webs. Making your own spider web decor will be less expensive than buying the webs premade from a party supply store. Use the handmade webs to give your home a festive holiday flair throughout the month of October, or hang them all over a Halloween party space for a creepy effect. You can display the webs in windows, doorways or on walls, among many other places.

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Step 1

Cut a small or large portion of cotton batting, depending on what size spider web you are making, using sharp scissors.

Step 2

Begin stretching the batting both lengthwise and widthwise with your fingers so the material resembles wispy spider webs. Use several long, thin pieces of batting to create the web.

Step 3

Arrange the pieces of batting onto a wall, door or other surface to build the web. Attach the batting to the surface using invisible tape.

Step 4

Insert plastic spiders into the cotton web to complete the look.