Maintenance on a Toro 6.5 Lawn Mower

... Check and change the oil in your Toro as scheduled.

The Toro 6.5 HP Recycler is a push mower designed for residential use. Like all mowers, there is scheduled and unscheduled maintenance that can keep your mower in tip-top shape every season. Failing to perform maintenance can degrade operation over time. Maintaining your Toro, however, keeps you from having to buy another one too soon.

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Maintenance Safety

Before any work is done on the 6.5HP Toro Recycler, safety precautions must be taken. First, the mower should be completely off, with no parts still in motion such as the engine or mower blade. The lawn mower should also be on level ground and not hot to the touch. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug so that an accidental combustion does not occur. If the mower must be turned over to do work like replacing the blade, the gas tank needs to be empty.

Scheduled Maintenance

The 6.5 Toro has recommended scheduled maintenance to extend its longevity. Oil changes should occur after the first five hours of operation and every year. Check the oil before each use. The air filter must be replaced every 25 operating hours or more frequently if you live in a particularly dusty area. Replace the blade or sharpen it at the beginning of every year. If you have the electro-start model, charge the battery for a full day after 25 hours of mower operation.

Change Oil

To change the Toro 6.5 oil, ensure it's on a level surface. Remove the dipstick by taking off the oil filler cap. Tip the mower onto its side, ensuring the air filter is point up, and allow the oil to drain into an approved container. Put the mower back on level ground and the slowly refill the oil to three-fourths capacity. Wipe the dipstick and re-insert it into the oil fill port. Pull it out and check the oil marking. If more oil is needed, pour as necessary and then reattach the cap.


Specific maintenance steps are needed before storing the Toro mower for the season. Empty the gas tank completely so that fuel doesn't get old and start leaving deposits in the mower. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug to avoid accidental starts. Also clean the air cooling system to include the filter and its housing. Clean underneath the mower, removing any grass clippings and dirt.