How to Cover a Leather Couch

Things You\’ll Need

  • Throw rug

  • Decorative blanket

  • Pillows

  • Cloth sofa slipcover

  • Tape measure

... Covering a leather couch helps it look new again.

Leather couches are generally attractive and durable, but they can start looking worn over time. The friction caused by people sliding on and off the couch wears the material, and that affects the color and may create holes if not remedied. Leather is susceptible to scratches and staining as well. Covering a leather couch helps decorate it while also hiding any existing blemishes in the material. Covering a leather couch requires only some basic materials.

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Step 1

Lay a throw rug or decorative blanket over the back of the couch. The color of the rug should complement the color of the leather for best results. The rug or blanket is also useful in hiding holes or wear marks.

Step 2

Place decorative pillows on the seat cushions of the couch. Prop them up against the backing of the sofa so they stand up straight. Position them carefully, because leather is often slippery and the pillows may slide off.

Step 3

Pull a cloth couch cover over the entire sofa if the leather couch does not have the desired appearance or if you need to temporarily protect the fabric during a party or gathering. Couch covers are often available at furniture stores. Measure the couch with a tape measure to make sure you get one that is the appropriate size. The covers usually zip shut or seal with Velcro once they are fully in place. If you don't wish to buy a cover, use a large sheet or blanket large enough to cover the whole couch, and tuck it into the sides and under the cushions so it holds firmly and looks neat.