The Advantages of a Vaulted Ceiling

... Vaulted ceiling design dates back to middle-age Roman cathedrals.

Dating back to the middle ages, vaulted ceiling design mimics that of Roman cathedrals. Integrating this dramatic feel into your home enhances both your space and your psyche. Often vaulted ceilings combine timberframe construction, giving your home a rustic feel and antique look. Although the cost of heating your increased space may be elevated, weighing this factor against the gained benefits is an integral part of the architectural phase.

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No doubt a vaulted ceiling gives a room a magnificent feel. The pleasant appearance of the ceiling's central high point, combined with the sloping roof line, renders a ski lodge ambiance. If you live in an area where the views are dramatic, the increased window space enhances the scenery outside your door, thus giving you the sensation of living amongst the natural beauty that abounds.

Increased Space

Vaulted ceilings give the effect of increased space. Even though the increased space exists overhead, it manipulates the experience to suggest added square footage. Combine this with an open floor plan to integrate a kitchen and living space that caters to parties and family gatherings. Adding a tongue and groove ceiling dampens the spacial element, giving the home a comfy feel that doesn't detract from its grandeur.

Increased Light

One of the most important features of a vaulted ceiling is the increased natural light. By incorporating multiple windows and doors onto the gabled wall, you allow light to permeate through. This feature makes winter days warmer and calms the effect of seasonal effective disorder. Afternoon sunshine radiates in, providing heat that lingers well after the sun sets.

Green Building Alternative

Vaulted ceiling construction isn't necessarily a "go-to" for green building alternatives. Yet when constructed correctly, this technique can save energy and money. Situating the gabled end towards the south or west allows the home to gather natural light, transmitting it into interior heat. Additionally, alternative building material manufacturers have created paneled walls specifically for cathedral ceiling construction. These walls save time and money while providing better insulation and less energy loss.