How to Hang a Suncatcher in a Window

Things You\’ll Need

  • Ruler

  • Thread

  • Scissors

  • Window suction cup

A suncatcher is a decoration typically made of stained or clear glass, which reflects natural outdoor lighting. Suncatchers can add a hint of color and aesthetic interest to any room in your home that has access to natural lighting from a window. To display your suncatcher for optimal effect, you will need to hang it in a window. In most cases, you can hang your suncatcher in a window in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1

Measure an 8-inch to 12-inch section of thread with a ruler, depending on how far you want your suncatcher to hang down. Cut the thread to length with scissors.

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Step 2

Feed one end of the thread through the hole in the hanging extension of a window suction cup. Pull the thread through until there is an equal length of thread on each side of the hole.

Step 3

Feed one end of the thread through the hanging ring on the top of your suncatcher. Tie the ends of the thread in a knot.

Step 4

Position the suction cup on the window so that the suncatcher hangs near the center. Press the suction cup gently against the glass of the window.


Choose a window that faces east if you want your suncatcher to reflect the greatest amount of light in the morning or a window that faces west if you prefer maximum reflected light in the evening.


Use string or wire instead of thread if you plan to hang a large or heavy suncatcher — thread may not support the weight of larger suncatchers.