How to Make a Cardboard Ice Cream Cone Holder

Serving ice cream cones at a party can add unnecessary mess, but with a little preparation, that issue can be avoided. Whether preparing ice cream cones ahead of time or using as a serving tray, this cardboard ice cream cone holder is cost-effective, time efficient and can serve as a (very temporary) centerpiece.

diy ice cream cone holder with ice cream

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Things You\’ll Need

  • Package of ice cream cones

  • Tape

  • Wrapping paper

  • Scissors

  • Template

  • Craft knife

scissors wrapping paper tape cardboard box download template cutting tool


Keep craft knives and sharp scissors out of reach of children.

Step 1: Remove Cones From the Box

Recycle the box that your ice cream cones came in and use it as the base for this project (though any cardboard box will work). Simply remove the cones and set them aside or place them in a plastic bag to store for later. Then, tape the box back shut.

ice cream cones tape box

Step 2: Wrap the Box

Wrap the box as if wrapping a present. Use any kind of paper that matches the theme of your party or occasion.

wrapping paper tape cardboard box

Step 3: Print and Cut

Print this free download on lightweight printer paper to use as a template. Place the template on top of the box and carefully cut with a craft knife through the stencil, wrapping paper and box. Doing it this way is much easier than cutting holes in the box first, then wrapping and cutting holes in the paper afterward. Repeat this process until all six holes have been cut into the box.

free download cutting tool cardboard box fee download craft knife hands template


Using light pressure, hold the template in place with one hand while gently cutting the holes in the box with the other.

Step 4: Remove the Stencil

After all of the holes have been cut, remove the stencil and discard or recycle any scraps that have been cut away from the box.

cutting tool holes cut free printable


Make several decorative ice cream cone holders and place at various heights to create interest on a party table.

ice cream cone holder complete confetti party

Step 5: Fill With Ice Cream Cones

Set an ice cream cone in each hole and serve. This do-it-yourself ice cream cone holder can also be used for snacks outside on an ordinary day. If the paper gets wet or begins to tear, simply rewrap the box and cut holes in the new wrapping paper.

ice cream cone holder with sprinkles cherry vanilla confetti party


Prepare ice cream cones ahead of time and place the entire box into the freezer for effortless entertaining.