How to Make a Michael Jackson Glitter Glove

Michael Jackson debuted his famous rhinestone-studded glove to the world during a television special marking the 25th anniversary of Motown. The glove worn by the pop icon was sold at a 2009 auction for $350,000. Fortunately, you can make your own glittering version of the King of Pop's glove without paying such prices. Employ the same method used to make Michael Jackson's original sparkling glove; cover a store-bought glove with rhinestones for a dazzling effect.

... Make a homemade version of Michael Jackson\’s famous glove.

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Things You\’ll Need

  • Ruler

  • Tweezers

  • Chalk

  • White Left-Handed Glove

  • Jewel Glue

  • Toothpick

  • Crystal Flat-Back Rhinestones, 10 To 14 Stone Size

Step 1

Lay the glove flat on your work surface with the palm facing down. Use a contrasting color of chalk to indicate the spots where the rhinestones will be placed on the glove. Space your marks evenly and along straight lines all the way down the fingers; use a ruler to guide you.

Step 2

Pick up a single rhinestone with a pair of tweezers. Use your opposite hand to apply jewel glue to the back of the rhinestone using a toothpick. Spread glue smoothly and completely across the back of the rhinestone.

Step 3

Use the tweezers to place the rhinestone on one of the designated markings you made on the glove. Press the rhinestone down gently until glue begins to emerge around its edges.

Step 4

Continue this process until all rhinestones are placed on the upward-facing side of the glove. Let the glue dry for at least 24 hours before moving it. Flip the glove over and repeat the process.