How to Cut Laminate Flooring Long Ways

Things You\’ll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Jigsaw, circular saw or table saw

... The final course of flooring often must be ripped to fit correctly.

Cutting a piece of laminate flooring long ways is called ripping the material. Typically, it's the last few planks that need to be ripped — those that run parallel to and adjacent to one of the walls in the room. Since the material is thin, laminate flooring cuts quickly when the proper tools are used. Don't rush the cut; just let the tool do the work as you steadily move the saw along the cut line.

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Step 1

Measure the space that the plank needs to fit, using a tape measure. Remember to leave an expansion gap of the same size you left along the rest of the walls. The expansion gap allows the material to expand with changes in humidity.

Step 2

Transfer the measurements to the underside of the plank you need to rip if you will use a jigsaw or circular saw to make the cuts. Both of these saws cut on the upstroke. As blades exit the material they are cutting, they tend to break the material's fibers and leave splintered, ragged edges. Cutting laminate with the good side facing down eliminates splintering along the face that will show once the floor is complete. Draw a line to show where to make the cut.

Step 3

Transfer the measurements to the good side of the laminate if you are using a table saw to make the cut. Table saws cut on the downstroke, so any splintering occurs on the underside of the material when using this saw.

Step 4

Rip the laminate with a circular saw or jigsaw by following the line you drew according to your measurements. On a table saw, set the rip fence according to where you will cut the laminate and feed the material into the saw blade.


Use caution when cutting with power saws. Wear safety glasses and keep fingers and hands well clear of the blade.