How to Make a Silk Flower Arrangement for Church Altars

Things You\’ll Need

  • Large vase or container

  • Block of floral foam

  • Floral tape

  • Wire cutters

  • Multiple long stems of coordinating silk flowers and greenery

  • Ribbon or tulle

  • Craft knife

... Use large floral arrangmenets to decorate a church altar.

When decorating a church altar for a ceremony such as a wedding or funeral, it is crucial that floral arrangements are large enough to be seen by the congregation. If the church is very spacious, it will dwarf the arrangements and they will have little aesthetic effect.

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Since real floral arrangements are expensive, you can save a lot of money by creating your own silk flower altar arrangements. This is also practical since they can be reused for future occasions.

Step 1

Use the craft knife to cut the floral foam down to fit inside the container you have chosen. Ensure it does not peek out over the top of the container, but leave it tall enough to provide a solid base.

Step 2

Stick the tallest stems you have into the back of the block. Use them to create the perimeter of your arrangement.

Step 3

Add your focal flowers to the foam base. Place one in the center and one on either side of it. Make sure your arrangement is symmetrical. If needed, cut the stems in the front of the block down so they do not obstruct the floral stems behind them.

Step 4

Add filler flowers and greenery to the foam block to fill in any holes in the arrangements. Some examples of good fillers include ferns, grasses, leaves and cluster flowers. Trim them down as necessary.

Step 5

Fluff and rearrange your floral stems as needed. Bend the wire stems to ensure all the flowers are facing the right direction and the overall shape of the arrangement is symmetrical. Use floral tape to wrap stems together if needed.

Step 6

Embellish the arrangement by tying a ribbon or bow of tulle around the neck of the container.


Go to the church where the occasion will take place and determine how large you need to make your arrangements beforehand.

Buy floral stems that coordinate with the current season. Select colors and flower types preferred by the honoree if possible.

Use pedestals (commonly provided by the church) to elevate the arrangement if more height is desired.