3 Creative Ways to Personalize Golf Balls for Your Favorite Links Lover

Things You\’ll Need

  • Golf balls

  • Liquid dye

  • Hot water

  • Glass jars with lids

  • Oil-based markers

  • Hot glue gun

... Personalized golf balls Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

When playing a round of golf, it's hard to identify your ball from all the other ones on the course. Try personalizing your golf balls to make them easier to identify from even several feet away, so everyone will know it's you who just made that hole in one. These personalized golf balls would also be great gifts to make for the golfing enthusiast in your life.

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How to Dye Golf Balls

Step 1

... Fill a jar with water and liquid dye Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Dyeing golf balls is an easy way to make them stand out from the crowd. Fill a jar halfway with hot water and add about two teaspoons of liquid dye.

Step 2

... Drop the golf ball in the jar Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Drop a golf ball in the jar, making sure that it is completely covered in the dye solution.

Step 3

... Shake the jar Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Place the lid on the jar and shake it to mix up the dye solution and golf ball. Let it sit for about 30 minutes before checking on the color. If it is not saturated enough, place more dye in the jar and let the golf ball sit in the solution for a longer period.

Step 4

... Rinse the golf ball Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

When the golf ball has reached the color saturation you desire, remove it from the jar with tongs and rinse it in water.

Step 5

... Let the golf balls dry Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Place the dyed golf balls on a towel to dry. As you can see, blues reach the highest saturation, while reds and oranges remain pastel. This variation in color will also depend on the brand of the dye you use. Nevertheless, they will all stand out beautifully on the golf course.

How to Draw Designs on Golf Balls

Step 1

... Draw outlines of continents Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Another way to personalize golf balls is to paint them with markers. Oil-based color markers work on practically any surface. And because they have fine tips, you can create detailed designs like the golf globe in this example. Start by painting outlines of continents with a brown marker. Do not worry about being geographically perfect; you are not being tested.

Step 2

... Color the interior of the continents Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Fill in the interior of the continents with a green marker. You will find that, even with the dimples on the golf ball, the oil-based markers provide excellent coverage.

Step 3

... Fill in the oceans Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Paint the rest of the ball with a blue marker to surround the continents with water.

Step 4

... Paint zebra stripes on the golf ball Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

In this additional example, zebra stripes are drawn on the golf ball with a black oil-based marker. The possibilities for personalizing golf balls with markers are endless, and they would be perfect gifts for kids to make.

How to Monogram Golf Balls

Step 1

... Write an initial with a hot glue gun Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

One way to add a monogram on a golf ball is to dye it with a resist method. Using a hot glue gun, write an initial on the surface of the golf ball. Allow the hot glue to dry, and then place it in a jar of dye solution.

Step 2

... Peel off the glue Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

When you place the golf ball in the dye solution, the glue resists the dye. Remove the colored golf ball from the jar, rinse it in water, and peel off the dried glue from the ball. The monogram remains.

Step 3

... Draw a monogram with markers Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

An even easier way to monogram a golf ball is with oil-based markers. Write your initial on the ball with a marker, accentuating it with a different-colored outline. You can even write out words and messages with the markers.


When using dyes and markers, it's a good idea to wear rubber globes because it can get messy.