A Good Fabric for an Upholstered Headboard

... There are many fabrics that are good for use on headboards.

There's good news when it comes to choosing a good fabric for your upholstered fabric — there is no single fabric that's best. Many different fabrics make great material for upholstering a bedroom, giving you almost unlimited options when making your choice. As long as the fabric is strong enough to withstand wear and fits into your bedroom's style, you're good to go, whether you like sleek leather or traditional polyester silks.

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Even though your upholstered headboard doesn't endure the wear and tear that a sofa or chair does, that does not mean that just any old fabric will do. The best fabric for any upholstery use is one that's strong enough to be worked with during the upholstery process and durable enough to withstand daily use. Durable fabrics that look great on headboards include leather, suede, vinyl, cotton duck or heavy polyester blends.


While a headboard isn't likely to suffer the abuse that furniture used in living rooms or dining rooms withstand, it still needs to be washable, especially if the upholstered headboard is intended for use in a child's room. Good fabrics for upholstered headboards are fabrics that are easily washable, whether on the headboard or as a removable slipcover. Vinyl, genuine leather and suede are not machine washable, but can be spot-cleaned, while polyester or cotton can be removed and washed in a machine, if desired, or washed on the frame.


A good fabric for an upholstered headboard is washable, but the best fabrics are stain-resistant, either by nature or with a stain-resistant treatment. Vinyl is impervious to most stains, and leather is often coated to make it resistant to stains. Suede can be treated to make it stain-resistant, as can cotton and polyester blends. Keep in mind that many stain-repelling fabric treatments wear off over time, but can be reapplied periodically.

Your Bedroom\’s Style

Durability, washability and stain-resistance are all important when it comes to choosing a fabric for your upholstered headboard, but don't forget the role your bedroom's style plays in your decision. Choose a fabric that coordinates with the colors you use in your bedroom decor or select a neutral color that can be used with nearly any decor. Use a fabric that's appropriate for your decor style; traditional bedrooms often call for lighter fabrics, such as polyester blends or cottons, while more modern bedroom styles are complemented by vinyl, suede or leather. For a child's room, a playful cotton or polyester print may be best, but leather or vinyl may also work if your child's style is a bit more modern or edgy.