Make Mini Kitchen Organizers Out of Empty Spice Tins Tutorial

Want to "spice" up your space? Instead of throwing away empty spice tins, transform them into magnetic organizers. It's a clever and convenient way to help wrangle the kitchen clutter that inevitably stacks up. It's a fun and easy DIY everyone should try!

Spice Tin Organizers Spice Tin Organizers

Things You\’ll Need

  • Metal spice tins

  • 1-inch ceramic disc magnets

  • Metal magnet clips

  • Craft glue

  • Drill (Optional)

  • Kitchen twine (Optional)

Spice Tin Organizers

Remove the spice tin caps and thoroughly rinse out to clean and dry.

Adhere two 1-inch ceramic magnets to the backs of the tins using an all-purpose craft glue suitable for both ceramic and metal, such as e6000.

Spice Tin Organizers Spice Tin Organizers

After the glue has dried, the basic magnetic storage storage tin is made and it's time to get creative. Store everything from your go-to pens and sticky notepads, to postage stamps, scissors and rubber bands. You could even nestle fresh blooms inside to add a pop of color in the kitchen or make succulent planters from several tins to create the look of a living wall.

Spice Tin Organizers

To make them work even harder, we added a magnetic clip to the side of one tin that holds little reminders or odds and ends that have lost their way from around the house.

Spice Tin Organizers

With the addition of a drilled 1/8" hole near the base of the other tin, you can also use them as kitchen twine dispensers, having at arm's reach the ability to pull whenever you need some twine.

Spice Tin Organizers

These recycled storage tins save those favorites from cooking and add a little graphic interest to your space. The same concept works with and can be applied to tea tins, mint tins and more — so give those metal containers a second look before throwing them in the recycling bin.