How to Make a Spider Web Out of Cotton Balls

Spider webs are a staple of Halloween effects. Make your own eerie webs using your hands and cotton balls. The process is simple enough that children can help make and attach them to objects in the home.

Get Cotton

Cotton balls can be found stores near the makeup and toiletries. There are different size cotton balls. The smaller the size, the more you will need to use to make your webs. If you want large webs quickly, use cotton batting instead of cotton balls.

Video of the Day


  • Dressup webs with fake spiders and spray glitter.


  • Cotton balls are flammable; keep away from heat.

Form the Web

Forming the web will require to you separate each cotton ball and stretch it out. Roll smaller bits of the cotton between your fingers to make fine lines. Lay the first part of the web onto the item you want it to rest on. You will need to stretch and form more cotton balls until the web reaches your desired size.