How to Keep an Edge Between the Gravel and the Lawn

Things You\’ll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Grass rake

  • Shovel or spade

  • Pea gravel

  • Barrier stone or aluminum

0 A simple stone or aluminum barrier can help keep gravel out ofyour lawn. Image Credit: Images

A gravel path through your lawn leading into your garden or a gravel driveway leading to your home may project exactly the country-style, rustic appearance you want. But keeping the gravel from skipping out of place into the lawn can become an unwelcome chore if you don't create a barrier to prevent it. Gravel in your lawn can damage your lawn mower and injure bare feet. You can create inexpensive gravel barriers quickly with a variety of edging materials, or choose a more costly but decorative specialty stone barrier.

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Step 1

Measure the site in which you'll install your edging. Add a few feet to your total to cover curves in the edging path as well as occasional installation damage.

Step 2

Rake the section of lawn nearest to the gravel, removing all small stones and debris. Mark an edging path with the sharp end of your spade or shovel.

Step 3

Dig a shallow trench along the edging path. Dig deeply enough to allow a 2-inch barrier above the gravel after barrier installation. Remove all grass and roots from the backfill.

Step 4

Scoop a layer of pea gravel into your trench. This will help stabilize your edging material and enhance drainage.

Step 5

Insert your edging material into the trench in short sections. Once the barrier section is in position, fill the trench with your clean backfill. Tamp down firmly.

Step 6

Repeat the installation process until the edging barrier is complete. Mound the soil slightly at the barrier top, and tamp down. This will help your edging shed rainwater.