How to Get Bubbles Out of Decals

Things You\’ll Need

  • Hair dryer

  • Credit card, razor or putty knife

... A credit card can help you remove air bubbles from decals.

A decal can be an attractive addition to a window or wall. Put a decal on your car window to honor your favorite sports team or use several decals on the walls of your bedroom to create the look of an enchanted forest. Air bubbles can develop while putting on a decal, or they can form over time. As air bubbles are unsightly and can affect the seal between the decal and the surface, it's a good idea to remove them from your decals when possible.

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Step 1

Turn on a hair dryer and hold it over the decal to heat it up.

Step 2

Press a straight edge, such as the edge of a credit card, razor or putty knife, on the bottom of the decal. Hold the straight edge at a 45 degree angle.

Step 3

Slowly run the straight edge across the decal in an upward fashion. As you move the straight edge across the decal, the air bubbles will be pushed up and out of the decal.

Step 4

Pop any remaining small air bubbles. Gently create a small slit in the surface of the decal above the bubbles with a sharp razor blade, allowing the air to escape. Smooth the surface of the decal with a straight edge.


Thoroughly cleaning the surface the decal will be placed on before applying it can help deter the formation of air bubbles.