How to Make a Fake Pair of Lips

Things You\’ll Need

  • Red or pink paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil or pen

  • Wooden craft sticks

  • Red or pink craft wax

  • Red or pink modeling clay

  • Lip mold

23573741 Fake lips are a fun craft for all ages. Image Credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Creating fake lips is simple, and you can make them with several different types of craft products. You can use your completed pair of fake lips for a variety of purposes. Use fake lips to dress up a table at a wedding; give them as party favors at an anniversary party; or help a class create them to use as a Valentine's Day party decoration. The supplies needed to create fake lips are available at craft stores, and they are inexpensive and easy to work with.

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Step 1

Draw a set of lips on pink or red construction paper. Draw your lines on the reverse side of the paper so they don't appear on the finished lips.

Step 2

Cut out the lips along the lines. Use a pair of sharp scissors with a pointed tip to create a precise line.

Step 3

Glue the lips to a wooden craft stick. Apply a thick line of glue to the back of the lips and lay a wooden stick on the line. Press gently until dry.


Step 1

Roll red or pink modeling clay between your hands, which makes it easier to work with. Make a ball out of the clay.

Step 2

Form a set of lips with the clay. Make the lips as large or as small as desired. Use your fingers to create the desired shape. Gently smooth the lips with your fingertips to even out any bumps or lines.

Step 3

Let the clay dry and harden without touching it to prevent misshapen lips.


Step 1

Soften or melt a golf ball-sized ball of red or pink craft wax. Place the wax in a product specially designed for melting wax or in a double boiler on your stovetop; let it melt completely.

Step 2

Pour the wax into a lip-shaped mold, which is available at craft stores or where candy molds are sold. Slowly stream the melted wax into the mold to prevent spillage and to create an evenly shaped pair of wax lips.

Step 3

Let the wax lips harden. Gently remove them from the mold by turning it over and popping the lips out of the mold.


Use paper lips as props in school plays.