Hampton Bay Littleton Fans Instructions

Things You\’ll Need

  • Slotted screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Light bulb

  • Stepladder

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Wire cutters

Hampton Bay is a lighting fixture brand sold exclusively by home improvement chain Home Depot. The Hampton Bay line includes furniture, light fixtures and ceiling fans. One of the ceiling fans, the Littleton, is a 42-inch, four-blade interior ceiling fan that is white with reversible white and bleached oak fan blades, designed to cool a 10-by-10 foot room. You can connect a Hampton Bay Littleton ceiling fan in a short amount of time using the supplied parts and some common hand tools.

Step 1

Confirm that all the items you need are in the box: four ceiling fan blades, one mounting plate, one fan motor assembly, one motor housing, four blade brackets, one glass shade, one pull chain with fob, 19 screws, two lock washers, two metal washers, three plastic wire connecting nuts and 13 fiber washers.

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Step 2

Turn the power off to the electrical outlet box that the fan will be attached to.

Step 3

Attach the mounting plate to the outlet box with a pair of screws and washers, using a slotted screwdriver while standing on a stepladder. Verify that the mounting plate is level and secured to the ceiling. Adjust the level with additional washers if necessary.

Step 4

Lift the fan's motor assembly to insert the motor housing plate's "T" section into the mounting plate slot.

Step 5

Attach the safety cable to the ceiling joist with a screw and a washer using an adjustable wrench.

Step 6

Connect the black wire, which is the fan supply wire, and the blue wire, which is the light supply wire, to the black household power supply wire. Trim using wire cutters if necessary.

Step 7

Attach the white wire from the fan (neutral wire) to the white household neutral wire.

Step 8

Connect the fan's green wires, which are ground wires found on the mounting plate and motor, to the household green ground wire.

Step 9

Move the motor assembly into position under the mounting bracket and attach it with screws.

Step 10

Lift the housing onto the mounting plate by aligning the screw holes, then attaching with screws.

Step 11

Attach a fan blade to a blade arm with a screw going into the blade arm, using a Phillips screwdriver. Do not tighten yet. Attach two additional screws in the same manner. Repeat for the remaining fan blades and blade arms.

Step 12

Tighten each screw securely, beginning with the center screw and confirming that the blade is straight. Repeat for the remaining two outer screws, then for the other three fan blade and blade arms.

Step 13

Insert the blade arm tabs into the slots on the bottom of the motor housing. Tighten with screws and washers to attach each blade arm to the motor.

Step 14

Insert a light bulb (60 watts recommended).

Step 15

Place the glass shade over the light bulb onto the light fixture by slightly unscrewing the thumbscrews that hold the shade in place. Secure the glass shade and tighten the thumbscrews until the shade is secure.

Step 16

Reconnect the power to the electrical outlet box and turn on the fan to confirm that it is functional.


Do not install or use the ceiling fan if any part is damaged or missing.