How to Hang Pictures on Log Cabin Walls

Things You\’ll Need

  • Picture hangers

  • Nails

  • Tape measure

  • Hammer

... Log cabin walls are made solely of wood.

Log cabins originated in the colder sections of the world with snowy seasons. People erected them with the material readily available — wood from trees. Log cabins are made from several types of logs and can range in size and construction from modest and rustic to grand, elaborate structures. Decorating log cabins with pictures is similar to the process for other buildings. Just make sure to choose hangers you can drive into wood.

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Step 1

Purchase a set of picture hangers suitable for nailing to wood. Hangers come in sizes that relate to the weight of the pictures being hung, e.g., 5-pound, 10-pound, 20-pound or even sturdier. If you prefer, you can use a simple set of nails instead if the pictures have hooks or hanging strings on the back.

Step 2

Decide where on the wall to hang the pictures. Hold each picture up to the wall and make a mark with a pencil where you want it to hang. Make the mark above the center of the picture or where you'll place the picture hanger.

Step 3

Measure the position of the prefastened hanger, if the picture comes with one, starting from the outer edge of the picture. Transfer this measurement to the wall.

Step 4

Turn the picture around if it has a wire or string on the back. Pull the string upward from the center toward the top of the picture, extending it fully. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the top of the frame and the position of the extended string. Go back to the mark made previously; measure and mark the distance of the new measurement from the first mark. For instance, if the distance from the extended string to the top of the picture frame is 3 inches, measure 3 inches down from the mark you made on the wall. This is where the picture will hang once the hook is in place. Lower or raise the height as desired.

Step 5

Place the eye of the hook directly onto the mark and drive a nail through the eye until the hook sits securely on the wall. For pictures that already have a hook on the back, drive a nail through the mark, leaving enough space for the picture to sit. Place the picture on the nail or hook. You may need to nudge the picture slightly in either direction to get a square and even fit on the wall.