How to Troubleshoot a Kubota Mower Deck

Things You\’ll Need

  • Pliers

  • Assistant

  • Socket set

  • Replacement belt, if needed

Kubota is a manufacturing company that specializes in commercial and residential lawn equipment. Kubota carries a full line of riding lawn tractors for residential use. These riding lawn mowers use an adjustable mower deck to cut grass. From time to time, the deck may act up. However, most problems can be assessed and repaired at home. Troubleshooting and repairing a Kubota mower deck should not take much longer than an hour.

Step 1

Examine the mower deck linkage as a helper or assistant pulls the control lever upward. If the lever control linkage has become undone, slip the end piece of the linkage through the deck control arm with the pliers and bend the linkage slightly to latch the linkage into place.

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Step 2

Lift the cutting deck to its highest position if the cutting deck will not engage at all. This may be a sign that the belt has broken or slipped off. Loosen the belt tensioner bolt with a socket set and slide the tensioner slightly to the left.

Step 3

Reattach the old belt if it has slipped off or loop a new belt into place along the pulleys if the old one has cracked or broken. Slide the tensioner to the right and tighten it with the socket set.

Step 4

Remove the bolt holding the cutting blade in place if the mower deck works but seems to have trouble cutting grass. Replace the blade with a new one or have the old one sharpened and reattach it.