How to Get Stuff to Stick to Painted Walls

Things You\’ll Need

  • Glue dots

  • Adhesive wall hooks

  • Adhesive putty

  • Double-sided tape

... Tape is one option for wall use that won\’t leave holes.

Sometimes it can be hard to hang up posters, photos or artwork on painted walls, especially textured ones. Use special consideration if you are hanging up items in a dorm room, rental apartment or house, or somewhere where you only temporarily live. Tacks and nails can leave unsightly holes that may be difficult to patch, but there are non-invasive methods you can use to hang your favorite poster on the wall.

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Step 1

Use glue dots. Glue dots are made to use on any surface, including painted walls. They are safe for the paint and shouldn't leave a mark.

Step 2

Hang small framed photos or artwork on the wall with adhesive wall hooks. These are a good solution for framed art, but the art must weigh less than five pounds to safely hang on these types of hooks.

Step 3

Eliminate nails or tacks with the use of putty. Special poster adhesive putty easily sticks to just about any surface, including painted ones. The putty won't leave a mark and can be removed from posters.

Step 4

Use double-sided tape, which won't leave any damage on painted walls, is inexpensive and easily can be removed. Use double-sided tape if painted walls are textured. There are special double-sided tape made for poster use or photos.