How to Carve a Walking Stick With a Dremel Tool

Things You\’ll Need

  • Wood stick (1 inch to 2 inches thick, 6 feet tall)

  • Dremel tool (with variety of bits)

  • Knife

  • Pencil

... Now you can easily customize your walking stick with a Dremel tool.

Carving your own customized walking stick with a Dremel tool allows you to easily and quickly remove enough wood from the shaft of the stick to form a matching imprint to your hand. You can also use your Dremel to carve decorative patterns into the wood, as well as to personalize it however you like. Select dry, straight and knot-free lengths of wood for the purposes of making walking sticks to ensure their comfort and durability over the years.

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Step 1

Remove any bark and smooth any imperfections on the shaft of the stick with a carving knife. Use the knife to reduce the profile of the stick to a basic walking stick shape.

Step 2

Insert and tighten a rotary sanding bit into your Dremel tool.

Step 3

Mark the outline of your hand where you will be holding the stick most often. Include in this outline where each finger is placed as well as any areas currently uncomfortably high on the shaft.

Step 4

Sand the outline of the hand impression your drew onto the stick in Step 3, testing often to determine the most comfortable pattern on the handle of the stick.

Step 5

Sand patterns and designs onto the shaft of the walking stick taking full advantage of the large number of sanding and cutting wheel attachments that come standard with a Drmeml tool. Try spiraling patterns along the length of the stick, as well as adding detail to the top as well as the bottom of the stick.


Wear eye protection whenever using a rotary tool.