How to Install the Andersen Storm Door Handle

Things You\’ll Need

  • Phillips drill bit

  • Drill

A new Andersen storm door gives your home a facelift. After you mount the storm door into the door opening, install the handle. Andersen storm door handles generally come in three parts: the latch, the interior handle and the exterior handle. Insert each part into the proper location and use screws to secure them in place. Hand installation does vary slightly from door to door so, if possible, refer to the manufacturer's directions.

Step 1

Peel off the protective film that covers the door's handle openings. Open the storm door slightly.

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Step 2

Push the latch piece into the hole in the door's edge. Make sure the latch's flat side points toward the exterior. Place a Phillips drill bit in a drill and secure the latch piece in place with the provided screws.

Step 3

Place the handle with the turn-tab lock through the hole in the door's interior side and put the handle with the keyhole in the door's exterior side hole. Hold the two pieces firmly together.

Step 4

Drive a supplied screw though each of the screw holes in the door's interior handle. Close the door and test the handle.