How to Make a Purse Out of Can Tabs With Weaving

Things You\’ll Need

  • Cotton cording

  • Scissors

  • Yarn needle

  • Flannel fabric

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread

  • 1/2-inch-wide satin ribbon

... Make a whimsical purse using soda can tabs.

When you drink a lot of soda from aluminum cans, you usually toss the empty cans into the garbage or recycling bin. However, you can salvage the soda can tabs off of the cans and use them as a crafting material to create interesting projects. For example, you can sew the tabs together to create a whimsical, soda can tab purse. This enables you to use the tabs in a way that is both creative and utilitarian.

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Step 1

Place 20 soda can tabs side by side onto a tabletop.

Step 2

Cut a piece of cotton cording using scissors to measure 18 inches long. Thread the cording onto a yarn needle.

Step 3

Sew the soda can tabs together by inserting the yarn needle through the holes in the soda tabs.

Step 4

Place 20 more soda can tabs side by side in a row directly above the first row of tabs, overlapping the second row over the first row by one-fourth inch.

Step 5

Sew the second row of tabs together as before. Sew the second row of tabs to the first row of tabs.

Step 6

Repeat this process, sewing together rows of tabs until you have a sheet of soda can tabs that is roughly 12-by-36 inches. Knot the cording onto the remaining tab.

Step 7

Cut a piece of flannel fabric using scissors to measure 12-by-36 inches.

Step 8

Lay the flannel fabric on top of the soda can tab form. Line up the edges.

Step 9

Sew the fabric onto the soda can tab form by stitching them together along the edges with a sewing needle and thread. Cut off the excess thread using scissors.

Step 10

Fold the soda can tab form in half lengthwise. Lay the folded form flat on a table with the fold positioned at the bottom.

Step 11

Sew the right and left sides of the form together using a yarn needle and cotton cording. Set the sewn purse aside.

Step 12

Lay a row of 20 soda can tabs onto a table in a line with the tabs touching end to end.

Step 13

Cut a piece of satin ribbon 18 inches long using scissors.

Step 14

Weave the ribbon back and forth through the soda can tabs, allowing the ends of the ribbons to stick out on either side by 3 inches.

Step 15

Tie the ribbons sticking out on either end onto the right and left sides of the soda can tab purse. This effectively attaches the purse strap to the purse.


Decorate the soda can tabs using colorful acrylic paint to make the purse more vibrant looking.


Keep sharp scissors and yarn needles out of the reach of children.