How Do I Add an Electric Starter to a Coleman Generator? | home gardening

How Do I Add an Electric Starter to a Coleman Generator?

Things You\’ll Need

  • Wrench

  • Mounting plate with battery clamp

  • Battery

  • Battery cables

Coleman generators may not come with an electric starter built in. That means you will have to start them with a pull cord. However, you can add an electric starter to make starting easier and more reliable. Your Coleman generator must be compatible with an electric starter, but you can easily check to see if it is. Once you know it will accept a starter, a few simple installation steps will have your generator running.

Step 1

Check to see if your Coleman generator has starter mount holes on the block opposite the carburetor. If it does, your generator will accept an electric starter.

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Step 2

Remove the screws that hold the pull starter cover in place. Remove the pull starter cover.

Step 3

Remove the nut that holds the pull starter on the starter shaft. Remove the pull starter mechanism.

Step 4

Insert the electric starter where the pull mechanism was. Make sure the shaft on the electric starter inserts into the motor and that the flywheel on the starter engages the flywheel on the motor.

Step 5

Attach a battery mounting plate to the engine block. Set a 12-volt battery on the mounting plate and secure it with the clamp that comes with the mounting plate.

Step 6

Attach the battery's red cable to the electric starter. You will find a post on the starter where you can place the end of the battery cable over the post and tighten the bolt until the connection is tight.

Step 7

Attach the alternator to the same post on the starter where you attached the battery cable. Use a red battery cable to run from the alternator to the starter. The alternator has a post for this cable. The post is on the side. Tighten the bolts on the ends of the cable to secure it to the alternator and the starter.

Step 8

Attach the battery's black cable to the bolt on top of the alternator. This bolt is a grounding bolt and connects only to the body of the alternator. This will ground your battery.


To use the electric starter, set the choke to the “on” position and press the starter button on the electric starter.


Keep all settings for the generator in the “off” position while installing the electric starter. This includes the choke lever.

Do not leave any electrical cord plugged in to the generator while you are installing the starter.