How to Light a Miller Gas Furnace CMF80

Miller gas furnaces, made by Nordyne, are designed for use in manufactured houses, but are also found in garages, cabins and in areas where a regular furnace might not fit. When the weather turns cold, and it becomes necessary to use your Miller gas furnace, you must follow some standard steps to ensure the furnace lights properly. Before you light your furnace, have your gas supply company's phone number handy should you need to contact them in the event of a gas leak.

Step 1

Smell along the floor around the bottom of the furnace for gas. Do not attempt to light the furnace if you smell gas; leave your residence immediately and call your gas supplier. Continue with the lighting procedure if no gas is present.

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Step 2

Turn your Miller gas furnace thermostat to the lowest setting. Turn off the electric power to your furnace at either the disconnect switch on the wall between the furnace and the breaker panel, or at the breaker panel by turning off the furnace breaker.

Step 3

Rotate the latch on the front of the furnace door. Open the door to access the gas control lever. Push the lever to the left until the lever reaches the "Off" position.

Step 4

Wait at least 10 minutes for any gas to clear from the furnace. Clear the area and call your gas supplier if you smell gas after 10 minutes. Proceed to the next step if you do not detect the smell of gas.

Step 5

Look for the pilot tube attached to the gas control valve. Follow the pilot tube down to the fire observation door. Look inside the door to watch the end of the pilot as you attempt to light your Miller gas furnace.

Step 6

Push down on the gas control lever and move the lever until it points to the "On" position, and then release the lever. Move the lever to the "Pilot" position. Continue to move the lever to the "Set" and hold it in the "Set" position as it will not remain in this position on its own.

Step 7

Push down on the spark igniter button located next to the fire observation door. Continue to push down on the button until a flame appears at the end of the pilot tube.

Step 8

Hold the gas control lever in the "Set" position for at least a minute once the flame appears. Release the lever to let it automatically move back to the "Pilot" position.

Step 9

Move the gas control lever to the "On" position. Turn on the electricity to the furnace. Set your furnace thermostat to your desired temperature and turn the fan switch to the "On" position. Close the furnace door.