Bedroom Colors That Go With a Hunter Green Carpet

... Hunter green is the color of a deep pine forest.

Hunter green carpet may seem like a difficult obstacle to overcome when decorating your bedroom. Hunter green was the color worn by hunters in the early 19th century to camouflage themselves while hunting. It is the color of pine trees and of deep green leaves. Hunter green is a color in nature, and by accenting the room with other colors of nature, you will create a gorgeous palette for your bedroom.

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The Daisy Palette: White and Yellow

... A white and yellow bedroom feels crisp and clean.

Offset a dark green carpet with sparkling white walls decorated with images of nature in yellow and green. Bright yellow curtains and a crocheted comforter in a white and yellow "lazy daisy" pattern completes the look. For that extra special finishing touch, pile the bed high with pillows in shades of green and yellow.

The Rose Palette: Shades of Red

... Red and green are often found together in nature.

Accenting your hunter green carpet with a luscious red and green damask or velvet comforter brings a lovely richness to your bedroom's decor. Keep the reds dark — burgundy, maroon, vermilion — to avoid too much of a "Christmasy" look. Paint the walls the palest of greens, and hang Asian art in the colors of the room.

The Pansy Palette: Purple and Gold

... A yellow and purple garden is a happy garden.

Take your green carpet to new heights by adding purple and gold and decorating your bedroom in the colors of Mardi Gras. Keep the shades bright and vibrant and the patterns bold. A striped satin bedspread in all three colors, with gilded and jeweled pillows to match, and an accent wall behind the bed, with the largest framed Mardi Gras poster you can find, creates a one-of-a-kind bed and headboard look.

Snow on the Garden: Multi-colors and White

... Flowers peeking through the snow bring promise for the spring.

If you can't decide on your favorite color of nature, use them all. With white or pale green as your base color, add stripes or flowers or polka dots of pink, yellow, white, orange and purple. In the palest of shades, this color scheme lends itself well to a country decor. Deepen the shades, and you can choose an Asian, Mediterranean or even a Retro look.