How to Make Fiesta Centerpieces for Tables

Things You\’ll Need

  • Serape

  • Assortment of peppers

  • Hurricane vase

  • 2 margarita glasses

  • 2 limes

  • Red or orange blooms


If you're hosting a Cinco de Mayo or other Mexican-themed fiesta, decorate the party table with a themed centerpiece. Make the table centerpieces using bright, fiesta-inspired hues, such as red, green and yellow, along with traditional Mexican decor. When you're planning a celebration on a tight budget, create a centerpiece using items you can reuse or give away as guest favors. You can also incorporate decor pieces you already own into the display to create a customized centerpiece.

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Step 1


Place a small Mexican serape, which is a colorful, woven blanket, in the center of the table. Choose a serape with vibrant shades of green, red, blue, yellow and orange to add a pop of color to the table.

Step 2


Fill a large, clear glass hurricane vase with a mix of vibrant Mexican peppers. Choose a varied mix of fresh red, yellow and green bell, jalapeno, serrano and habanero peppers. Place the vase of peppers on top of the serape.

Step 3


Place a small lime into the bottom of a large margarita glass. Fill the glass with water. Cut the bloom off of a red or orange daisy or rose and float it on top of the water.

Step 4


Make one more margarita glass, lime and flower decoration. Place one glass on each side of the pepper display to complete the centerpiece.