How to Keep Animals off of Fresh Concrete

Things You\’ll Need

  • Chicken wire

  • Metal T-posts

  • Sledgehammer

  • Zip ties

... Wet concrete needs to be protected.

Nothing ruins the look of freshly poured, smooth concrete like the presence of animal paws. Animals aren't familiar with the concept of drying concrete and will inadvertently cross over your new porch or sidewalk, leaving you with the permanent imprint of their feet. Keeping animals away from fresh concrete can be a challenge depending on where you live, especially considering that you will need to protect it for at least 24 hours. Protecting fresh concrete is critical if you want to ensure the safety of the animals around you and the outcome of your construction project.

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Step 1

Line the site of your concrete pour with metal T-posts. Use a sledgehammer to drive them into the ground and place one every five or six feet.

Step 2

Pour the concrete and smooth it out, or allow the concrete workers to do so. Once poured, you will need to keep animals and children away from the concrete for at least 24 hours.

Step 3

Take a roll of chicken wire and run it around the perimeter of your fresh concrete area on the outside of your metal stakes.

Step 4

Secure the wire by cinching it to each metal stake with a couple of zip ties; this temporary fence will keep small animals away from your concrete until it's ready for weight.

Step 5

Leave your chicken wire fence up for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the types of animals you have in your area. Twenty-four hours is enough time for humans and small animals to walk on concrete, but if you're worried about dogs, coyotes or deer, you should wait 48 hours for maximum protection.