How to Make Fake Decorative Drinks

Things You\’ll Need

  • Acrylic water

  • Fake ice cubes

  • Plastic drink glasses

  • Drink umbrellas and other garnishes

... Create a fake martini that looks just like the real thing.

A collection of fake decorative drinks can add a fun element to your next social event. Although purchasing fake drinks from a company that specializes in fake food and beverage products is possible, it can also be quite expensive. By utilizing a few basic ingredients from a craft store, however, you can make your own fake drinks at home. When done correctly, your guests may not even initially realize the drinks are fake.

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Step 1

Mix the acrylic water based on the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you mix the solution carefully so that it will solidify correctly.

Step 2

Add food coloring to the acrylic water until you achieve the color you want. For mixed drinks, use bright blue, green, pink and purple to create a selection of colorful, fake decorative drinks.

Step 3

Pour the acrylic water into the glasses. If you want to create layers of color in your drink, to create hot chocolate foam, beer foam or a black and tan, for example, wait for one layer of the acrylic water to dry completely and then add a second layer of colored acrylic water to the glass.

Step 4

Add decorative elements such as ice cubes, drink umbrellas or fake fruit to garnish the glasses. If you're making fake margaritas, you may even want to glue salt crystals to the rim of the glass for a more realistic effect.