Feng Shui Ideas for a North Facing Front Door

... North-facing front doors benefit from one of several colors.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to optimize the flow of positive energy into a building. Feng shui places great importance on the direction of your front door. Energy, also called chi, needs a clear path to flow through your home. The front door is also one of the first things guests see when they come to your home. The way your north-facing front door looks affects the amount of positive or negative chi that comes into the home. Learn the best colors and treatment for the front door to maximize the positive chi in your home, according to the principles of feng shui.

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Best Chi Colors

Your front door's color is vital to creating harmony in your home's entryway, according to feng shui practitioners. North-facing front doors look best when painted white, gold or yellow, silver or gray, orange, or brown. If your door faces northwest, paint it black, navy, brown, yellow or orange. For northeast-facing doors, choose purple, red, green, white, gold, silver or pale blue. The optimum color choice depends on the Kua number of the homeowner — an astrologically-determined number that suggests the most auspicious locations and directions for feng shui applications. Other factors that influence door color are the buildings and landscape the door faces — a church or temple has tremendous yin energy and a yang red front door will counter that chi and balance it.

The Flow of Water

A north-facing front door lies in the water element, according to feng shui beliefs. The water element is responsible for guiding chi into your home. To take advantage of this, decorate the front door or the surrounding area with wave-like patterns. Hang pictures of fish or the ocean near the front door. If possible, get a fish tank or aquarium and put it by the door. Place a fountain, birdbath or other water element on the left side of the front yard. A stream that flows toward the front door is also advantageous.

Reflect the Sun\’s Energy

The sun is a major source of chi, but unfortunately, north-facing front doors are not in the position to take advantage of this energy. To capture the sun's energy, hang a mirror in your front yard. Hang the mirror about 20 feet away from the front door on a tree or pole. This directs sunlight toward the door.

General Front Door Tips

Keep your north-facing front door in good condition to attract positive chi and opportunities, according to feng shui practitioners. The area around the door should be clean and free of obstructions. Remove yard debris outside and clutter inside. Install bright porch lights and replace the bulbs when they burn out. Grease any sticky or squeaky door hinges. Wash the door regularly to remove fingerprints, dirt and scuff marks. If washing does not improve the door's appearance, give it a fresh coat of paint. Your front door should open into the house, to draw chi inside.