How to Slow the Curing of Concrete

Things You\’ll Need

  • Water hose

  • Plastic sheet

  • Concrete curing agent

  • Sprayer

Curing time affects the strength of concrete. The slower the concrete cures, the stronger it becomes. Generally, concrete takes 28 days to fully cure. Concrete cures as the water in it evaporates. The key to slowing concrete curing time is it moist. You can use a variety of techniques to slow concrete curing.

Step 1

Perform the final finish on the concrete, then allow it to cure until you can walk on it without leaving an imprint. This should take an hour or so; depending on the climate. Concrete will cure faster in hotter and dryer conditions.

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Step 2

Spray the concrete with the hose. Apply a light spray over the entire surface. Let the water dry and repeat. Spray the concrete repeatedly over a period of several days to slow the curing process.

Step 3

Cover the wet concrete slab with a sheet of plastic. This will help hold the moisture in the concrete.

Step 4

Put a concrete curing agent in a sprayer. Mix according to the manufacturers instructions. Spray the curing agent on the concrete. The curing agent seals the concrete to hold in the moisture.