How to Install a Marley Baseboard Heater 2500 & C2500 Series

Things You\’ll Need

  • Stud finder

  • Pencil

  • Wire nut

  • Screwdriver

Marley's 2500 and C2500 series baseboard heaters offer an energy-efficient and safe heating solution for supplemental room-by-room heating, such as in bedrooms and bathrooms or for hard-to-heat areas of your home like an enclosed porch or garage. Marley baseboard heaters are typically installed under windows, where the rising heat can mix with cool air from the glass to reduce heat loss. The 2500 and C2500 series heaters are easy to install yourself with few wiring connections and pre-drilled mounting holes to ensure fast installation.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the room you're installing your heater in at the breaker, or remove the proper fuse from the box.

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Step 2

Remove the screw from the wiring cover at the end of the heater where the supply wires will enter. With the Marley 2500 series baseboard heater, you may wire the heater at either end.

Step 3

Position the heater close to the wall so that the supply wire will enter through the built-in cable clamp or one of the knockouts in the back of the wiring compartment.

Step 4

Pull the power supply wires into the junction box through the built-in clamp or through one of the knockouts.

Step 5

Attach the copper ground wire from your supply wiring to the ground wire in the wiring compartment using a wire nut.

Step 6

Find the two wires in the heater joined by the orange wire nut. Remove the nut, and pull these two wires apart.

Step 7

Connect the white supply wire to one of the separated wires using a wire nut to secure. Attach the black supply wire to the other wire.

Step 8

Fold the wiring into the junction box. Replace the cover and refasten the screw.

Step 9

Locate wall studs using a stud finder. Mark the stud locations in the position you wish to place the heater. You can either install your Marley baseboard heater on the floor or up on the wall.

Step 10

Position the heater so that the mounting holes line up with your stud marks. Drive a screw through the mounting hole and into the studs at each end using a screwdriver or a drill. Heaters longer than 6 feet require a screw in the center as well. If you're installing the heater up on the wall, drive a screw into either end through the mounting holes on the bottom of the heater as well.

Step 11

Tighten the screws, and then loosen them one-quarter turn. This allows the metal to expand and contract when it heats and cools.

Step 12

Turn the heater thermostat to the "Off" position after initial installation. Turn on the power supply to the room.

Step 13

Wait five minutes to ensure the heater is not heating while on the "Off" setting. If it is heating, the wiring may be incorrect or the heater could be malfunctioning. If it is not heating, turn the thermostat up to high and wait five minutes to ensure it is supplying heat. If it is not, disconnect the power at the breaker and inspect the wiring.

Step 14

Allow the heater to operate for 30 minutes to remove the oil residue that may be present from manufacturing. Some smoke is normal and should disappear after 30 minutes.


The Marley 2500 and C2500 series baseboard heaters have a safety control that will turn the unit off if it is blocked or if it overheats. If you find that the unit is shutting off, clear away anything that might be blocking the unit or causing it to overheat, such as furniture or draperies.