6 Eclectic DIYs That Will Save You Tons of Money

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There's no design rule that says you have to break the bank to create an eclectic space. These home accents are anything but cookie-cutter, and they'll help you make an original style statement on a budget.

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Stump Side Table

Invite nature indoors with this rustic yet modern side table. An earthy tree stump gets a flamboyant upgrade with gold studs and a splatter of paint. The result? A one-of-a-kind piece that looks like it stepped out of a designer catalog (without the price tag!)

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Painted Globe

If your drab decor could use a dash of adventure, this DIY globe (inspired by Anthropologie) is for you. Let your inner wanderluster loose by personalizing a store-bought globe with the help of our free templates and spray paint. No passport needed!

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Plastic Animal Planters

Quirky meets cute in these upcycled plastic toy planters. A fun twist on greenery, these clever critters are a surefire conversation starter no matter where they take up residence — on a nightstand, office desk, or bookshelf.

Image Credit: Tim and Mary Vidra Yarn Wall Hangings 5 of 7

Yarn Wall Hangings

Add an unexpected pop of color to monotonous walls with these chic and cheery hangings. All you need is some yarn and dowel rods to create easy fringed wall art. The best part? No one will guess that the entire project cost you $10 (or less!).

Image Credit: Carrie Waller Bamboo Ladder 6 of 7

Bamboo Ladder

Shelves are so predictable! Instead, display this stylish bamboo ladder in your living room to mix things up. This easy-to-make ladder creates hanging space for throws and magazines in the most striking way possible.

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Rhododendron Chandelier

These floral fixtures from Anthropologie are so over-the-top gorgeous they'll take center stage in any room. But, they also cost a pretty penny! Make your own for less than half the price with just cupcake liners and round lanterns.

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