These 11 Vinegar Hacks Just Made Spring Cleaning Easier

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It's that time of year again! Spring cleaning is in full effect and it's time to break out the gloves, scrubbing brushes and spray bottles. But when it comes to the products you use, you may want to think twice about those store-bought cleaning solutions you've grown accustomed to. They're filled with chemicals and are not the safest options for your family and home. Instead, go with these natural vinegar-based DIY cleaners–they're much safer (and cheaper) alternatives to get your home squeaky clean for spring!

Image Credit: Miaira Jennings DIY Laundry Pods 2 of 12

DIY Laundry Pods

These DIY laundry pods are safe for washers, easy to make at home and will save you some major bucks!

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman Wood Floor Cleaner 3 of 12

DIY Wood Floor Cleaner

This homemade wood floor cleaner takes care of messes, dries quickly and gets your wood floors looking spotless without damage.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman Shower Head Cleaner 4 of 12

Shower Head Cleaner

Get rid of that grimy shower head in a matter of minutes with this easy-to-follow vinegar tutorial.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman Mold Cleaner 5 of 12

Mold Cleaner

Say goodbye to nasty bathroom mold with this natural mold-busting solution.

Image Credit: Stephanie Gerber Iron Cleaner 6 of 12

Iron Cleaner

Your iron accumulates dirt and calcification that can often go unnoticed! Solve the problem and prolong the life of your iron with this simple vinegar tutorial.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman Homemade Bug Spray 7 of 12

Homemade Bug Spray

Save your beautiful plants and flowers from pesky little critters with this homemade vinegar solution.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman DIY Fabric Softener 8 of 12

DIY Fabric Softener

Skip the pricey store-bought fabric softeners and make your own natural alternative!

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman Dishwasher Cleaner 9 of 12

Dishwasher Cleaner

This simple tutorial will give the inside of your dishwasher a much-needed makeover.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman Streak-Free Window Cleaner 10 of 12

Streak-Free Window Cleaner

Streaky windows are never a good look. Get a streak-free shine with this homemade glass cleaning solution.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman Tile Floor Cleaner 11 of 12

Tile Floor Cleaner

Make the dirt and grime on your tile floors disappear with this DIY tile floor cleaner.

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Toy Sanitizer

Keep playtime germs at bay with this homemade sanitizing solution.

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