How to Calculate Shrinkage for Die Casting

Things You\’ll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Calculator

A popular way to make things out of metal is a process called die casting. Die casting is when you pour melted metal into a cast, and let it cool and harden into the shape. When die casting metal, there will be shrinkage of the metal as the metal cools. To properly make a mold for die casting, you will need to calculate the total shrinkage and take the shrinkage into consideration when making your mold.

Step 1

Measure the height, length and width of the product you are trying to design. Write down each measurement.

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Step 2

Multiply the height times width times depth.This will give you the total volume of the product you are trying to create.

Step 3

Multiply the total volume by .06 to find out the total shrinkage. When die casting the metal will shrink about .6 percent after cooling.