How to Make Your Own Cover for a Poang Chair

Things You\’ll Need

  • Butcher paper

  • Pencil

  • Quilting ruler or straight edge

  • 3¼ yards of 44-inch-wide fabric

  • Scissors

  • Sewing pins

  • Coordinating thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Iron

  • Hand sewing needle

... Cover your Poang chair from IKEA in fabrics of your choice.

The Poang chair from IKEA is an affordable, durable and versatile chair appropriate for use in the living room, family room and as an occasional chair in nearly any room in your home. Its cushion covers are limited in their available colors and prints. You can easily make your own cover for your Poang chair cushion out of durable home décor fabric of your choice, making the cushion much more suited to your style and décor.

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Step 1

Take your cushion off of your chair. Lay your butcher paper on a flat, hard surface. Place your cushion on top of the cushion and trace the cushion carefully with the pencil. Use your quilting ruler or straight edge to mark a 1-inch seam allowance around the entire traced edge of the cushion. Cut out the outline of the cushion along the marked seam allowance line you just drew.

Step 2

Wash, dry and iron your cushion fabric. Fold your fabric in half so that the short ends are together and pin your pattern piece to the fabric. Cut out your pattern piece from the fabric. You will have two pieces of fabric in the shape of your pattern piece.

Step 3

Place your fabric pieces with the right sides together. Pin these pieces together, leaving the majority of one of the long edges unpinned. Thread your sewing machine with coordinating thread.

Step 4

Sew around the pinned area of the fabric. Backstitch both ends of your seam. Use a straight, medium-length stitch. Remove your pins, cut the thread tails and turn your cover right-side out.

Step 5

Iron the chair cover to remove wrinkles. On the unsewn edge, fold the raw edge in toward the wrong side of the fabric so that the folded edges are even with the sewn edges.

Step 6

Place your Poang chair cushion inside the chair cover you made. Take your time with this step, as the cushion tends to bunch up as you maneuver it inside the cushion. Smooth the cushion regularly until it lies flat and smooth within the chair cover. Pin the unsewn edge of the chair cover.

Step 7

Thread your hand sewing needle. Sew the opening closed, using a slip stitch.