How to Install an A/C Package Unit

Things You\’ll Need

  • Equipment dolly

  • Wood beams

  • Rebar

  • Concrete mix

  • Water

  • Refrigerant

  • Duct tape

  • AC technician’s assistance

  • Electrician’s assistance

... A/C units provide the modern benefit of central cooling air in buildings.

An A/C package unit involves an entire air conditioner unit with all the necessary equipment included to hook it up to a building ventilation system. All the owner needs to do involves preparing a cement bed for the unit to sit on and arranging the actual connection work. Because the units come pre-packaged, they make great appliances for mobile residences as well as roof-top A/C needs. With a bit of help from an electrician, the unit can be set up and running within a few hours.

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Step 1

Locate the ventilation intake hookup on the outside of the building the A/C unit will be added to. Determine the best location where to sit the A/C unit. Build a wood frame with 2×4 wood beams in the form of a square large enough to fit the A/C unit shape.

Step 2

Mix some quick-setting concrete in a bucket with water. Lay down rebar in the wood frame area. Pour the concrete into the frame and smooth it out. Let the concrete dry.

Step 3

Go to a local hardware/appliance store and purchase an A/C package unit. Transport it with a truck back to your location. Load the unit off the truck and onto an equipment dolly. Wheel it over to the cement pad that is now dry and cured.

Step 4

Place the unit on the cement pad. Unwrap the shipping packaging and expand the wiring and connectors for the unit. Hire an electrician to wire and connect the A/C unit to the building's electrical grid.

Step 5

Look for the A/C air hosing. Connect this to the building's ventilation intake conduit. Seal the hose to the building with vent duct tape and sealant.

Step 6

Call an A/C technician to perform the final check on the unit and charge it with refrigerant. With the A/C technician present, test the system. Troubleshoot any problems. Enjoy the working A/C unit once the installation is finished.


Lift with a partner when positioning the A/C unit off of the truck or onto the cement pad. This will prevent suffering a serious lifting injury to your back.


Do not fiddle or try to force position any of the A/C unit coils. These parts can easily break, allowing refrigerant to escape immediately. Such a repair can then be very costly.