How to Make a Two Tone Concrete Soap Dish

Dyeing concrete is a fantastic way to create a minimal, industrial look in you home that is still warm and inviting. In this tutorial, I've used a light pink tone which is commonly seen in modern Scandinavian decor. The hue adds subtle color without overpowering the overall aesthetic, but you can dye the concrete any color you choose to match you bathroom decor.

Two Tone Concrete Soap Dish

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Two Tone Concrete Soap Dish

Things You\’ll Need

  • Cooking oil

  • Two plastic Tupperware containers to create the soap dish (one large, one small)

  • One plastic Tupperware container to mix the concrete

  • White concrete

  • Mica powdered dyes (often used in soap making)

  • Fine sand paper

  • Disposable stirrer

  • Latex gloves

Step 1

Find two plastic Tupperware containers, one smaller than the other. Pour a small amount on oil into the larger, spreading it evenly over the whole inside surface. Then, use the excess to coat the outer surface of the smaller vessel.

Coat tupperware with oil

Step 2

Mix up approximately half the concrete you will need for the soap dish in a similarly sized Tupperware container to help you estimate the proper amount you need. Slowly add water until the concrete has a smooth thick consistency. The concrete should be wet, but hold itself in place as you mix.

Mix the concrete

Step 3

Add a small amount of mica powdered dye. You should wear protective latex gloves and cover your clothes to ensure there are no dyeing mishaps. These dyes are very strong and spread quickly. Use a small amount and seal the packaging immediately after use.

Add the dye

Step 4

Mix the dye into the concrete until the color is even. If you want a stronger color add a little more dye to increase the color.

Mix in the dye Mix in the dye

Step 5

Pour the concrete into the container that we previously covered with oil. Smooth out the concrete and burst any air bubbles that rise to the surface.

Pour the concrete Even out the concrete

Step 6

Take the smaller container and place on top of the concrete making sure it's in the center of the concrete surface. Leave the concrete to dry overnight.

Place the inner container

Step 7

Mix up the other half of the concrete. This time do not add the dye. Pour this into the larger container around the outside of the smaller container to create the sides of the soap dish.

Mix more concrete

Step 8

Leave to dry for 2 to 3 days. Once the concrete is stable ad firm remove from the large container. Carefully squeeze the smaller container at the sides to detach from the concrete, pulling gently out at the same time. If the concrete begins to crack or looks flaky leave for another night before completing this step.

Remove from container

Step 9

Sand the edges of the concrete smooth. You may need to sand the top surface also. Once the sides are smooth, your soap dish is ready to use.

Sand Two Tone Concrete Soap Dish Two Tone Concrete Soap Dish Two Tone Concrete Soap Dish