Things to Put in a Centerpiece Bowl

Bowl with candle and pebbles on table outdoors A simple bowl centerpiece is versatile, minimalist and oh so chic. Image Credit: Joao Canziani/Photodisc/Getty Images

Bowl your party guests over by featuring amazing centerpieces at every table. Centerpieces give your tables color and style, and they help set the decorative tone for the whole occasion. Surprisingly, one of the most versatile items you can use to craft your centerpiece is a bowl. Because bowls come in various shapes, sizes and materials such as glass or wood, they have the potential to be quite decorative despite their simplicity.

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Candles are a staple centerpiece item. If you want to use candles for your centerpiece, but would like to try a new spin, consider buying candles that float. Choose candles based on the colors of your decorating scheme or motif. Look for lotus-shaped candles to use for an Asian- or Zen-themed event or floating rose candles for an early-evening get-together featuring tea and sandwiches. Simply fill a bowl with water, rest the candles carefully on top and light them.

Fruit and Nuts

Sometimes the most decorative item you can put into a bowl are the fruits of the season. Mini pumpkins, lemons and limes, pine cones and acorns make interesting, seasonal additions to your centerpiece bowl. For bowls that aren't transparent, choose bigger fruit that can be stacked — pumpkins, gourds, oranges or apples. These bring stunning color to your table. Fill clear glass bowls with an assortment of fruits, nuts, berries or pine cones, making sure that the bottom layers of the bowl look just as appealing as the items you've placed on top.

Flower Petals

Flower petals as a decorative element for a bowl work the same way that floating candles do, but because petals are soft and pliable, you can extend them past the edges of the bowl when making your centerpiece. After you fill your bowl with water, sprinkle an assortment of petals from roses, magnolias or violets over the top. As you disperse the petals, allow them to fall onto the table beside the bowl as well.

Marbles and Accessories

For the grown-up decorator, marbles aren't just child's play. These colorful glass orbs come in a variety of sizes and designs to match any decor. For a clear glass bowl, marbles alone work well, sprinkled carefully in the bottom. In the case of bowls that are opaque, use the marbles in place of florist's foam or clay to position items such as small flags or long-stemmed flowers. You might even nestle a small potted plant down among the marbles to bring a living element to your centerpiece.