This Easy Ribbon Bow Tutorial is What All Your Presents Need

They say giving is better than receiving and what better way to give than with a beautifully wrapped gift and a gorgeous bow to top it off. This bow is what all your presents need to make it complete, and with a few simple steps, you will be able to master the perfect bow.

The perfect bow

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You can incorporate this technique no matter the gift or occasion.

Things You\’ll Need

  • Ribbon

  • Gift box

  • Scissors

Step 1

Wrap your ribbon around the gift box and tie a half knot.

Half knot

Step 2

Make a loop with the bottom part of the ribbon.

Loop at bottom

Step 3

Take the top part of the ribbon and loop around the bottom loop.

Top over bottom

Step 4

Tuck the top of ribbon behind the bottom loop.

Through loop at the bottom

Step 5

Pull the top of the ribbon, while holding bottom loop to create a second loop.

Pull through

Step 6

Pull both loops to tighten knot.

Adjusting to even bow out

Step 7

Pull bottom of ribbon to adjust further if required.

Adjusting to even bow out

Step 8

Continue adjusting bottom of ribbon if required.

Adjusting to even bow out

Step 9

Cut excess ribbon.

Cutting ribbon The  perfect bow