How to Melt the Snow on Your Lawn

Things You\’ll Need

  • Shovel

  • Sand

  • Ground-thawing outdoor blanket

... Keep snow piles on your lawn to a minimum.

Though the first snowfall of the year may look beautiful, it quickly turns into gray messes on your lawn and makes gettting out of your driveway nearly impossible. Rather than shoveling snow into large piles that won't melt until April, use assorted methods for quickly melting snow on your lawn. Some inexpensive methods of melting snow can get messy.

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Step 1

Use a shovel to move as much snow as possible into sunny areas of your property. If snowfall has been light, the sun should take care of melting the snow without further assistance from you.

Step 2

Apply sand to snow to make it melt quickly, as sand absorbs moisture and provides traction. While sand won't harm your lawn the way rock salt will, it can still form piles due to runoff. Clean as many sand deposits as you can to avoid piles and the possibility of clogging storm drains.

Step 3

Use an electric ice-melting outdoor blanket over your lawn to quickly melt snow without worrying about sand piles. Such blankets work effectively to thaw the ground and melt snow and also can be used on frozen pipes, motors and equipment. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for quick snow removal.

Step 4

Put down kitty litter to prevent snow from refreezing and provide traction if the weather predicts more snow, especially if no sunny days are in the forecast.


Don't use rock salt to melt snow on your lawn. Salt harms grass and can potentially get stuck between pets' paw pads.