How to Turn a Kitty Litter Container Into a Kitty Litter Scoop

If you have a cat or especially if you have multiple cats, you are familiar with kitty litter and the process involved in keeping the box clean. You probably have litter containers lying around that can be recycled into this efficient, clean and easy-to-make litter scoop.

litter scoop

Things You\’ll Need

  • Empty litter container

  • Square or straight edge

  • Marking pen

  • Xacto knife or utility knife

  • Duct tape

  • Litter bags

  • Rubber band

project supplies

Step 1: Mark the Container

Remove the label from the container.

remove the label

Using a square or straight edge, draw a line at a 45 degree angle from the corner where the handle sits to the opposite corner, ending about 1 inch from the base of the container.

draw 45 degree angle

Draw another line parallel to the edge of the container about 1 inch from the edge.

draw parallel line

Draw a final line along the base of the container at the natural end of the flat space.

draw base line

Turn the container over and repeat the process.

Step 2: Cut Along the Lines

Cut along the lines on both sides of the container, using an Xacto knife or a utility knife.

cut along all lines cut bottle

Step 3: Tape Sides

Cut a strip of duct tape longer than the bottom edge of the container. Place the tape along the side of the cut edge.

line up the tape

Fold up the side with the tape attached to meet the 45 degree angle cut, and tape in place.

attach to the 45 degree cut

Trim the tape to length.

trim the tape

Turn the container over and repeat the taping process on the other side.

Step 4: Cut the Sifting Slits

Turn the litter scoop upside down. Starting about halfway down the container, cut slits in the bottom flat side following the ribbed indentions formed in the container.

cut slits in the bottom slits cut into the bottom

Step 5: Attach the Bag

Remove the container lid and tie a litter bag around the opening.

tie bag around the opening

Add a rubber band to help secure the bag in place.

add rubber band finished litter scoop

Step 6: Using the Litter Scoop

Use the scoop by sifting the litter clumps through the slits and then tilt the scoop upward, allowing the clumps to fall into the litter bag.

using the litter scoop litter bag in use

Step 7: Disposal

Pull the bag from the opening and tie off with the rubber band. Properly dispose of the bag in a trash can.

pull bag from the scoop bag tied off kitty love