How to Remove T-Molding | home gardening

How to Remove T-Molding

Things You\’ll Need

  • Towel

  • Crowbar

  • Hammer

... T-molding is reusable as long as it is removed carefully and left undamaged.

T-molding is trim used to create a smooth transition between two different styles of floorboards, often laminate or wood. If you are installing a new floor, the T-molding needs to be removed and replaced. Removing T-molding is similar to removing other trim, just make sure to work with the shape of the T-molding to avoid breaking it. Remove T-molding properly to avoid damaging the floor.

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Step 1

Lay a towel on the floor next to the portion of T-molding you'll be working with. Position a crowbar over the towel. If the T-molding is held to the floor with nails, position the crowbar next to a nail. As you use the crowbar to pry the T-molding away from the floor, the towel protects the floor from the metal of the crowbar.

Step 2

Insert the first class lever in the gap between the T-molding and the floor. The curved end of the crowbar is the first class lever, and the opposite end is the second class lever.

Step 3

Tap the end of the first class lever into the gap with a hammer. Tap gently to avoid damaging the wood or floor. The goal is to create a separation between the T-molding and the floor.

Step 4

Grasp the second class lever with your hands and push the crowbar toward the floor. As you push the second class lever toward the floor, the first class lever should pull the T-molding upward and away from the floor.

Step 5

Separate the T-molding from the floor as far as you can without breaking the trim. Move a few inches down the T-molding and pry away the next section.

Step 6

Repeat until the T-molding is removed from the floor.