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How to Draw Mandala Art

Mandala means "circle" or center point. They often convey balancing elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. Nowadays, mandalas have become part of what many call therapeutic coloring pages.


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Mandala Basic shapes

For this particular mandala, we will be using simple figures such as scallops (or 'U' shapes), petals, swirls, lines and circles.

Things You\’ll Need

  • Different size plates, cups or glasses to form circles

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Ruler

  • Coins or Deleter circle ruler

  • Paper

  • Fine point marker

  • Ultra fine point marker

Various sizes of plates and glasses for circles

Step 1

Turn your largest plate upside down and trace a circle around it.

Tracing around plate

Step 2

Using smaller plates, cups or glasses, draw additional circles of varying sizes inside the initial circle.

Circles completed


Alternatively, you can use a compass to draw the circles.

Step 3

Use a Deleter circle ruler or coins to draw smaller circles towards the center.

Draw smaller circles in center

Step 4

Use a ruler to determine the center of the circle and draw a vertical line through it.

Draw a vertical line through center of circle

Step 5

Use your ruler to draw a horizontal line through the center of the circle.

Drawing in horizontal lines

Step 6

Starting at the top left, draw a diagonal line through the center of the circle to the bottom right of the circle.

Draw a diagonal line

Step 7

Draw a second diagonal line, this time from the top left, through the center, to the bottom left of the circle.

Draw a second diagonal line

Step 8

Mark the center point and draw in four equal scallops around the inside of the smallest circle.

Drawing scallops

Step 9

Proceed to next circle and continue to draw scallops around the inside of the circle.

Drawing bigger scallops

Step 10

Proceed to the next circle and draw simple lines around the inside of the circle.

Drawing lines

Step 11

Move onto the next circle and proceed to draw more scallops.

Drawing scallops

Step 12

In the next circle, draw simple swirls until the circle is complete.

Drawing swirls

Step 13

Draw a petal shape inside the next circle between the marked lines.

Drawing petals

Step 14

Continue to draw petals all around the circle.

Drawing petals

Step 15

Draw a smaller petal inside the initial petal and repeat until all petals have an inner and outer appearance.

Drawing petals.

Step 16

Draw yet another outline of petals. Continue all around the circle.

Drawing petals

Step 17

Draw simple lines between the outer and inner petals.

Drawing lines

Step 18

Draw another petal in between previous petals.

Drawing additional petals

Step 19

Fill the petals with small overlapping scallops.

Drawing scallops

Step 20

Draw small circles inside the scallops.

Drawing circles inside scallops.

Step 21

Draw scallops around the outer petals.

Drawing scallops along petals

Step 22

Using an ultra fine point marker, trace pencil drawings.

Drawing scallops along petals Outlining with marker

Step 23

Continue tracing the pencil drawings.

Outlining with marker

Step 24

Continue until the entire piece is outlined with marker.

Outlining with marker

Step 25

Using a fine point marker, fill in the inner petals.

Filling in petals

Step 26

With a fine point marker, fill in the circles and outline outer petals as desired.

Outlining thicker lines around petals

Step 27

With a fine point marker, outline outer scallops and draw a line at the tip of the scallop. Continue all around the mandala.

Outlining scallops

Step 28

Allow the ink to dry completely and erase pencil marks.

Erasing pencil lines

Step 29

And you are done. You can make it as complicated or as simple as you wish.

Finished mandalas

All-in-One Guide

Here is a diagram for you to print out and use as a guide.

Full tutorial Finished mandala

These don't have to be perfect. Stick to simple lines and drawings… and have fun.