How to Use a Corrugated Fastener

Things You\’ll Need

  • Corrugated fastener gun kit

  • Safety glasses

Corrugated fasteners join the sides of frames and other building projects. These metal fasteners are quicker to install than many other tools, such as bolts. To install them, however, you will need a fastener gun, which functions much like a nail gun. You'll find that even if you don't know much about building or remodeling, you can get the hang of installing corrugated fasteners in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Pull the locking latch on the side of the fastener gun handle down to release the sliding bar and handle cover. Remove the sliding bar and handle cover.

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Step 2

Set the sliding bar to the area of the handle that corresponds to the size of the fastener being used. This fastener size information is on the box of fasteners, and you can find the diagram of sizes at the base of the gun handle.

Step 3

Insert the fasteners into the bar as you would enter staples into a stapler.

Step 4

Slide the bar back in and lock the switch.

Step 5

Replace the handle cover.

Step 6

Hook up an air pressure hose to the attachment at the base of the handle.

Step 7

Place the two items you wish to join next to one another and put on your safety glasses.

Step 8

Place the gun over the area you wish to install the fasteners. Make sure the end of the gun is sitting on either side of the two items you wish to join.

Step 9

Pull the trigger to fire and install the fastener into the two items, joining them at the seam.