How to Make a West Elm Inspired Wooden Trivet

Do you ever skim the West Elm website or stroll through its store and want everything? It's hard not to — until you take your budget into consideration. But the truth is, creating a West Elm aesthetic in your home can be nearly as simple as window shopping its products. Take this wood trivet, for instance. With a collection of beads, leather cord and scissors, you can create a like-minded piece for your kitchen at a budget-friendly price. This hack takes less than 15 minutes to make, and when you're not putting it to good use, it pulls double-duty as a cute decor item. Wins all around.

Trivet on table

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Things You\’ll Need

  • 1-inch wood beads with center hole (43)

  • Suede or leather cord (approximately 60 inches)

  • Scissors


Get creative with your bead choices! Wooden beads can be purchased in many different colors. Choose a color that best suits your home decor.

Step 1: Make the Outer Ring

To make the outer ring, start threading wood beads onto a 28-inch cord until you've threaded 21 beads. Then, tie the two ends of the cord together to form a circle. Make your knot tight, so that the beads do not move. The circle needs to be as stiff as possible.

Thread bead 21 beads on strand Tie knot

Step 2: Make the Middle Ring

Grab a second piece of cord measuring 20 inches. Start threading a second string of wood beads until 14 are attached. Check to make sure they fit well within the larger ring. If they do, tie a knot with the two ends, and make sure to attach them as tightly as possible.

Check fit of ring

Step 3: Make the Inner Ring

To make the final inner ring, you will do exactly what you've done in Step 1 and Step 2. This time, the ring will measure 12 inches and take 8 beads. Check the fit before making the knot.

Make third ring

Step 4: Trim the Cords

Double-check your knots to make sure they are secure. Once they are secure, trim off the ends of the cords on all three pieces.

Trim cord

Step 5: Display Your New Trivet

Use your new trivet on your table or the counter. When it's not in use, throw it over the handle of a cutting board or place it in a bowl as decor. It'll be right there when you need it and it'll add texture to you space when it's not in use.

Finished trivet Trivet as decor