How to Get Rid of Spider Nests in Ceiling Corners

Things You\’ll Need

  • Stepladder

  • Vacuum

... Ceiling corners and other high places are all common spider hideouts.

Several species of spiders prefer to live in homes rather than outside; others become accidental invaders. If you have small sacs of silk in the corners of your ceiling, you are probably dealing with sac spiders. These spiders are active hunters during the night. American house spiders often build webs in the corners of walls and ceilings, and display their egg sacs within the nests. A vacuum is all you need to get rid of the sacs and webs. A handheld canister vacuum may work best because you can see inside the canister better to make sure to empty all the contents.

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Step 1

Place your stepladder under and slightly in front of the web or sac and make sure you can comfortably stand in front of the web. Don't place the stepladder directly under where you will have to bend or reach to get the web.

Step 2

Sweep up the sac with the handheld vacuum or wand of your standard vacuum.

Step 3

Check around the corners and window sills for more sacs or webs. Sac spiders will sometimes make their retreats behind wall art, or in the corners of window sills and walls.

Step 4

Release the contents of your vacuum's canister outside.


If the web or sac is too high for you to reach, use a broom or long-handled dusting wand to remove it. Be prepared if you are removing egg sacs; this method may cause the spiderlings to emerge from the sac.