I Am Unable to Open My Vertical Blinds

... Vertical blinds require regular cleaning to work properly.

Vertical blinds can offer a decorative touch to a large picture window or a sliding patio door in your home. The hanging pieces in a vertical blind are referred to as vanes and they can come covered in vinyl, cloth, aluminum, wood or a faux-wood design made of fiberglass or plastic. Vertical blinds can become a problem if they do not open properly. Continually pulling on the chain to get your blinds to work will cause more damage. Troubleshoot the problem to protect your blinds.

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Track Obstruction

If you look at the track that holds the vanes of your vertical blinds, you will see that the vane holders fit very precisely in the track. This is to ensure smooth movement of the blinds. If you pull on the chain and your blinds do not move, then look at the track to see if there is a build up of debris or some other obstruction. Insects can sometimes get trapped in your vertical blind tracks which will stop the blinds from opening or closing.

Twisted Vane

One of the simpler problems to fix when your vertical blinds will not open is a twisted vane. This is common among cloth vanes that are covered in vinyl. If you open or close your blinds too quickly, the vanes can get twisted around each other or simply turned backwards in their holders. To remedy this, adjust the vanes so that they are back in the proper position.

Chain Off Track

Your vertical blind vanes are moved back and forth by a fabric cord that is controlled by a pulley. The pull chain operates the pulley by turning it when you pull down on the chain. Over time, that plastic pulley can get worn down by the metal chain and you may start to experience slipping as you pull on the chain. If the pulley is worn down to the point where the chain no longer has any way of getting traction, then your blinds will not open. The solution is to have the pulley replaced.

Cord is Broken

Years of pulling both gently and abruptly on your vertical blinds can take their toll on the fabric cord that moves the vertical blind vanes. If something gets into the track that starts to rub on the cord, then the cord can snap and your blinds will not move. This repair should be done by a professional as it can be a delicate procedure.